We are so thankful for our supporters and as a token of our appreciation have listed their names below. To view the full list of supporters within each level, please click the ‘+’ symbol to expand the listing. For additional information on how to become a supporter, please visit our Donate page.

  • Angel of Hope Donors

    Joe and Julie Thompson
    Charles and Paula Kaplan, grandparents of Zack
    Willie Nell Thompson, grandmother of Zack
    Jere and Kari Kaplan and Family
    Kathryn A. Kaplan
    Jeff and Melanie Martin and Family
    John and Carrie Bernat and Family
    Robbie and Julie McCullough and Family

  • Faith Supporters

    Andrea, Steven, Matt and Drew Solka
    Jeff and Sue Plauche
    Mark and Kristin Hawk
    George and Kelly Dunham
    Michael Bourcier
    Bob and Janice Coberly
    Charles, Lian, John and Eric Loop
    April LaMon
    Janice Washburn
    Jim and Dora Ratcliff
    Jeff Burnett and Doris Lawrence
    Christine Kafka
    Bernd and Lynn Braun
    Rejoice Lutheran Church – Golf Tournament
    David Troup
    Jere and Kari Kaplan
    Mike and Paula Reichenstein
    William Abbott

  • Hope Supporters

    Art and Mary Reid
    Mark and Jennifer Moore
    Mike and Lisa Lasky
    David and Rhonda Hermanski
    John and Sally Pistilli
    National Christian Foundation

  • Legacy Supporters

    Mike and Brenda Hogan
    Dortch Family Fund of The Dallas Foundation
    Eric and Kim Self
    Charles and Paula Kaplan
    Coppell Middle School West NJHS
    Jack and Hanhna Gibbons
    Scott and Sheri Elgin

  • Grace Supporters

    Joe and Julie Thompson
    Kathryn A. Kaplan
    The Fairchild Family
    Brian and Beth Rathe
    Russ and Maria Elena Smith
    Melvin and Mandy Burkhardt
    Guy and Bonnie Constant
    Coppell Cheerleading Association
    Paul and Susan Konzen
    Lance and Gail Cary
    Jim and Kathy Patterson
    Rejoice Lutheran Church – Pumpkin Patch

  • Paver Patrons

    Rejoice Lutheran Church
    Lance and Gail Cary
    Marc and Bonnie Busboom
    Rick and Jan Ruegg
    Brian and Beth Rathe
    Phil and Donna Harper
    Russ and Maria Elena Smith
    Joe and Julie Thompson
    Peter and Janelle Urda
    Bob and Carol Scancella
    Cowboy Basketball
    George and Jean Ainsworth
    The Selah Family
    Kathryn Kaplan
    Pinkerton Paver
    Coppell Basketball
    Friends of Eric Ford

  • Friends of the Foundation

    Randy and Kristen McClure