Inspirational Pavers

In remembrance of children, ages 25 and younger, Inspirational Pavers, featuring personalized quotes, sayings or phrases etched into the stones, can be ordered for placement within Zack’s Children’s Garden. Measuring 12”x12”, these pavers are uniquely woven into the design of the plaza area surrounding the Angel of Hope. To order an Inspirational Paver, your child does not have to be buried at Rolling Oaks Memorial Center. There are a limited number of Inspirational Pavers available and they may be ordered by completing the Order Form provided for download on this page.

The following information reflects a description of the Inspirational Paver cost and inscription features.

  • Inspirational Pavers are priced at $200. Cost includes inscription and installation within Zack’s Children’s Garden.
  • The inspirational message is limited to 20 characters per line with 10 lines per paver. (Samples are featured on the Order Form)

To order an Inspirational Paver, download the PDF provided here.