About the Foundation

ZackThompson.jpgThe Zack Thompson Foundation, a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit, was founded in honor of Charles Zachary “Zack” Thompson who was raised in Coppell by his parents, Joe and Julie Thompson. When Zack passed away of unknown causes at 19, his family, friends and neighbors wanted to help and comfort others who might be struggling with the loss of a child.

The Thompsons realized the death of a child is one of life’s most difficult experiences, leaving parents, family members and friends a bereaved struggle with many intense and frightening emotions, including depression, anger, and guilt. They felt compelled to not only create a place of remembrance for their son, but also extend the opportunity for remembrance to others seeking hope and solace.

The nonprofit organization will strive to raise funds (private and corporate) to support Zack’s Children’s Garden and families facing this tragic loss.