Zack’s Story

Zack Thompson

Charles Zachary “Zack” Thompson was raised in Coppell. Both he and his family established their roots here. When Zack passed away at 19, his family, friends, and neighbors wanted to help others who are grieving the death of a child.


Zack’s Story


Charles Zachary Thompson.  May 02, 1994 – November 08, 2013. 


Zack was the second of our three sons, sandwiched in between Ben (oldest) and Hunter (youngest), which made him that typical middle child.  Need I say more? Typical to a middle child, he made us laugh, cry and often wonder about our parenting skills.


Our son passed away of unknown causes at the tender age of 19.  Although, his life was short, he knew who he was and understood the importance of being honest and true to yourself­–no matter what others might say. Zack never wanted to be or do something that wasn’t him. He moved along a path that made him happy, NEVER…EVER… worrying about so called “missed opportunities.” He always marched to the beat of his own drummer and respected the rights of others to do the same.


Zack loved his family and friends deeply and never had an unkind word to share. He was laid back, kind, selfless, compassionate and blessed with a quick wit and great dimples accompanied by a smile that would light up a room.


He was a natural athlete and participated in soccer, basketball, baseball and football…all the typical sports Coppell has to offer.  He particularly loved baseball, and in Zack fashion could amaze you at times with the athletic ability you just can’t teach. He also loved computer online gaming and, in particular, loved to play Magic.


Today, tomorrow and forever, his family and friends will love him deeply. We are all inspired and challenged to live life as he did…accepting others as they are, giving often and freely and following your own path.