The Zack Thompson Foundation Children’s Garden

Angel of Hope Sanctuary
In time, our memories become our most precious possessions. The memories wrap themselves around our being, and our loved one is reborn inside of our hearts. The  Zack Thompson Foundation Children’s Garden (also known as Zack’s Children’s Garden) is a place of quiet contemplation for you to embrace those memories.

Zack’s Children’s Garden is located within Rolling Oaks Memorial Center adjacent to the Garden of Innocence. The garden is surrounded by tall shade trees, soothing water features and seasonal plantings. The four foot tall bronze statue of a little girl angel with arms reaching outward provides comfort to those who grieve. The lawn and benches within the walls of the garden provide a quiet and peaceful place in the park for reflection.

The Memorial Butterflies featured within the garden, along with the Inspirational Pavers, help families and other visitors to remember and pay tribute to those children whose parents and families must go on without them.

It is anticipated that Zack’s Children’s Garden will serve an important need in the Coppell community now and in the future.

Rolling Oaks Memorial Center offers a beautiful setting that is perfect for meditation and reflection. You’ll enjoy the scenic native oak trees of Coppell as you remember your loved ones.